Tipples for Tight-Asses.

3 Aug

I love a good cocktail. Whether it’s fruity, milky, delightfully refreshing or enough to rival a huge bowl of ice cream, if it’s served with a fancy garnish in an overly ornate glass, I’ll drink it.

Now sadly most cocktails in Sydney cost enough to rival eight bowls of ice cream – and admittedly don’t give you the same sickly satisfaction. I’ve seen them rise even to $25 a pop which is often how much I’ll spend on a month’s worth of alcoholic beverages. As much as I love cocktails, I simply can’t justify their ridiculous price.

But there is hope for the less financially stable among us! Quite a few places do happy hours or student nights where the price of various drinks – often including cocktails – comes down considerably. Two for the price of one deals, half price drinks, buy one get one free… look out for them. They’re definitely worth it. And yes, I realise they’re all the same thing.

My flatmate and I particularly love the $8 cocktails at The Sackville Hotel in Rozelle. The list isn’t as varied as other places I’ve been (there’s a sad lack of the creamy cocktails I love so dearly) but it contains things a little more obscure: gone are the usual mojitos and Cosmos, replaced by the unusual Pear Collins and Russian Gimley. Check out the cocktail list for a comprehensive description of each one.

The night we went, I chose the Berry Jewel, a mix of fresh berries, Bombay sapphire, blueberry liqueur and ginger ale. It wasn’t the best cocktail I’ve ever had – it had a slightly too sour tang which wasn’t tempered by the ale or liqueur. The berries were almost redundant with their lack of flavour and were difficult to drink through a straw. To give it some merit, it was definitely fresh and vibrant and cooling, just a little lacking.

The Berry Jewel.

My flatmate chose a cocktail called ‘Below the Pacific’, a tropical concoction of lychees, passionfruit and pineapple. Hers was the star of the night – sugary sweet and delicious. It was what a cocktail, to me, should be. If I want sourness, I’ll go for beer, but when that hit of sugar is all that’s needed, a cocktail is where it’s at. The mix of passionfruit, lychee and pineapple go so well together and, although I wouldn’t have thought of peach as the ideal match for fruits found in the tropics, it worked really well.

Below the Pacific.

Check out your local – most of them do good discount nights with a decent array of cheap cocktails. It’s a champagne (sort of) lifestyle on a sack wine budget.

The Sackville Hotel

599 Darling St

Rozelle NSW

Ph: 02 9555 7555


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