Heaven for a Choco-Nut.

8 Aug

I love peanut butter and I love chocolate. But what do I love more? The two combined and melted in a thick vat of dark hot chocolate.

Before a few days ago, I didn’t think this combination was possible – instead merely existing in my dreams or, at best, being concocted at home by smearing a piece of chocolate with peanut butter and putting it in the microwave. Pleasant, yes, but nothing compared to my new favourite chocolate beverage. Sorry, Mr. Brenner, your Italian Hot Chocolate is wonderful and amazing and delicious, but this one has the added (and probably unnecessary if we’re talking calories) benefit of a large dose of peanutty goodness.

When dining out with friends who still live at home, often it’s difficult to match them dollar for dollar in terms of menu choices. Most of the time I do, but subsequently forfeit lunch the next day or paying the energy bill on time. I advise against this, as there are many options on most menus that, although maybe not as decadent or elaborate as your friends’ choices, won’t break your credit rating. This hot chocolate is one of them.

At only $6.50 including a chocolate-peanut butter spoon, the San Churro Spanish Hot Chocolate is fantastically affordable. Sure, the average hot chocolate is probably half that, but I find most of them to be disappointing, either too weak (instead deserving the title, ‘hot milk’) or thin and watery. But this one fills all the criteria of a good hot chocolate: it’s thick, sweet and oh so chocolatey. The practically gargantuan cup that they serve it in further ensures that the price is justified, with its bulbous shape allowing a very generous serve.

And now to the spoon. It’s basically a teaspoon of peanut butter covered in chocolate which, if you’re not familiar with this delectable combination, may not sound too exciting, but is definitely something worth trying. I have friends who believe the two should never mix (much like I adamantly believe Surf ‘n’ Turf to be the most unappetising menu option around) but if you haven’t before, do try it. It caters to all tastes with a choice of milk, dark or white chocolate, and can be added to any hot drink. It melts gloriously in the dense hot chocolate, adding to it a tiny hint of nuttiness.

Spanish Hot Chocolate with a Dark Chocolate-Peanut Butter Spoon.

My friend chose the Hot & Cold hot chocolate ($5.90), upon rumours that it was the most amazing thing ever. She wasn’t disappointed by the mix of the same Spanish Hot Chocolate with the addition of white chocolate ice cream. Like my chocolate-peanut butter invention, I’ve tried to combine hot chocolate and ice cream at home, failing rather miserably. Although I didn’t try her choice (I’ll blame the flu season for that), I hear it lived up to those rumours. Her cries of ‘wow’ and the slightly less intelligible ‘gawwwfff’ pretty much said it all.

Another friend had the hazelnut hot chocolate ($5.90) which, she said, tasted strangely like liquorice. Again I didn’t try it (see above) but the smell was enough to tell me it had that they’d maybe gone a little overboard on the artificial hazelnut. Much like almond essence and sesame oil, to me fake hazelnut is something that should be added with caution. Her verdict was that she should have gone with the Hot & Cold, especially after hearing our other friend rave about it in incoherent cries of excitement.

A blurry trio of (from left, clockwise) Hot & Cold, Hazelnut and Spanish Hot Chocolates.

Chocolateria San Churro

47 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
Ph: 02 9692 0119

Monday to Thursday: 10am-11pm
Friday: 10am-Midnight
Saturday: 9am-Midnight
Sunday: 10am-11pm


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