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Food Bloggers, Unite!

11 Oct

It was a scene reminiscent of the most glorious dream and the worst possible nightmare: an endless line of mouthwatering food that spelled both delight and dread. The glut (ha!) in me knew the next few hours would be pure bliss but my (self) conscious female side thought otherwise – hello, potbelly.

Food bloggers from across Sydney gathered on Saturday (which was, wonderfully coincidentally, my birthday) for the Sydney Food Bloggers Mad Hatters Spring Picnic – organised by Billy from A Table for Two and Karen from Citrus and Candy.

It was essentially just like any other picnic gathering: rugs laid out, groaning with various dishes both sweet and savoury and plenty of people digging in and enjoying. But, true to food blogger-form, the cameras were out at every opportune moment, snapping away at the bevy of exquisite food.


Mini burgers by Fat Belly Club.

Bacon and olive bread by Sandra.

Sadly Eliza from Boomerang Banquet and I were about two hours late to the picnic and consequently didn’t get to try some of the food, but the excess of dishes ensured we didn’t completely miss out. The mini burgers by Paulina and Liam from Fat Belly Club were absolutely adorable and the bacon and olive bread by Sandra from The French Wench was deliciously salty.


Smoked salmon and blini by Jamie.


Blue bruschetta by Moya.

A friend from uni, Jamie of From the Dinner Table fame, made blini with smoked salmon – a scrumptious luxury that I actually haven’t indulged in since I moved out. To me the blue bruschetta by Moya from YaYa’s Yum Yums was, despite its bizarre appearance, the savoury winner of the day – light, airy and perfect paired with creamy blue cheese.

Of course the best part of the two-hour eating fest was the dessert. And because, it seems, most bloggers have a serious sweet tooth, the desserts heavily outweighed the savories. But I wasn’t complaining.


S’more tarts by Phuoc.


Raspberry and lemon curd tarts.

Phuoc from Phuoc’n Delicious made cute little S’more tarts – a crumbly pastry shell holding a rich chocolate centre and topped with marshmallow. The mini raspberry and lemon curd tarts (also by Fat Belly Club) were equally as sweet.


Lemon & blueberry ricotta cheesecake.


Earl Grey cake and mini macarons.

The lemon and blueberry ricotta cheesecake by Leila from Tablenosh had just the right amount of tart and sweet flavours and it was rich and creamy like a good cheesecake should be. I didn’t get to try the actual chiffon cake by Ayana but the macarons were superb – a crunchy outer shell yielding a chewy and soft centre.



Cake pops.


Cookie monster cupcakes by Sook.

The mini tea-ramisu cups by Tammi from Insatiable Munchies – chocolate teacups filled with sweet custard cream and soaked sponge cake – were an ingenious take on the traditional tiramisu. And the cake pops by Sugarlace were a jollier version of iced cake. There were also three versions of cookie monster cupcakes – these ones, I believe, were by Sook from Nommy Nom Nom.

Mad hatter cupcakes.


Food blogger mud cake.

I was in absolute awe at some of the skill using fondant. The mad hatter cupcakes (also by YaYa’s Yum Yums) really went all out with the picnic’s theme and were spectacular to look at. But the real star of the dessert show (and the winner for Best Dessert) was the blogger mud cake by Anna from Diary of a Ladybird. It didn’t only look magnificent – the salted caramel mud cake inside was moist, rich and heady with chocolate and salty sweet goodness.


Carmen Miranda... sort of.

Chocolate eclair hat.

The costumes and hats were also a sight to behold. The Carmen Miranda fruit hat was a welcome burst of colour on an otherwise drizzly day and the chocolate eclair hat was just plain fantastic.

But this was easily the best costume of the day.

We ate, we dranked, we discussed Masterchef, Adriano Zumbo and Peter Gilmore’s snow egg. It was great to meet other food bloggers in the flesh and see what a close-knit community the blogging sphere really is.

Someone threw around the idea of a Christmas picnic in the coming months. If this is anything to go by, I’ll be fasting for weeks in preparation.


Welcome, welcome to my humble blog.

1 May

I’ve always meant to start a blog but never had the time (read: the motivation) to sit down and treat myself to hours of narcissistic self-indulgence.

But so many around me are jumping on the blogging bandwagon so I thought it was high time I jumped on too. I mean, who doesn’t have a blog these days? It’s, like, totally the trend du jour along with Justin Bieber and tired jokes about Kate’s party.

So what, you might ask, is my blog to be about? Well, I’ve never been one to divulge my personal issues online (wanky Facebook statuses aside) so something about my day-to-day life is out of the question.

But I do love food and have wanted to write about food for a long time now. I know, I know, there are millions of food blogs on the net and why should mine be any different? To be honest, it’s probably not. I think almost every niche possible has been covered in the blogosphere.

But I’ll try to give you the hard sell anyway. Many food blogs review expensive restaurants and food shops, helping gourmands know where to go to get the best Russian caviar or French truffles. This one doesn’t.

Others have elaborate recipes that one can marvel at but never have the courage to try and accomplish. Don’t expect that here.

And others still combine the two, making me question where on earth they get the time to eat, cook, blog and maintain a normal life. I’m not one of those people.

It may seem I’ve done a terrible job of convincing you to keep reading but the lack of luxury dining and insane culinary skill is where my blog gets its hook.

I’m a student and a poor one at that. Having recently moved out of home, my budget is very limited in terms of what I can cook and where I can eat out. I try to make the most of what I’ve got, creating fairly decent meals for my flatmate and myself out of very basic ingredients.

I think there’s a lack of guidance out there for students living out of home. I hear of so many of my counterparts eating loads of Mi Goreng and take away (which is often expensive).

I guess I just want to show that cooking your own food can be easy and affordable. I do love to cook but I’m no Masterchef. I’m not here to provide recipes for those with astounding cooking expertise to master them. Cooking can be simple and especially for a student who’s already hard-pressed for time, balancing work and university and a moderate amount of social activity, it really needs to be.

Most of the time I make stuff up – adding a pinch of this and a handful of that. Rarely do I measure things when I’m using my own judgment. Often this means things need a LOT of tweaking before they’re edible and things so strange they work make their way into my food. But never fear – everything I put on here is tested by my incredibly critical flatmate who proclaims my food as ‘tasty’ or ‘OK’ (she’s also evidently articulate). You’ll only see ‘tasty’.
I also want to try the cheapest places to eat around Sydney. The dingy and often slightly unhygienic student haunts. Eating out doesn’t have to cost the world, nor a week’s rent.

Occasionally I’ll splash out and spend more than $5 on a single item but hey, you need the odd indulgence to maintain your sanity.

So here it is: a documentation of my years out of home and what I’m cooking and eating to get through them.